Friday Love – No Strings Attached!

Fridays on the blog (okay, I’ll admit it, most of the days on this blog) are all about things I love! And I can’t believe I’ve written so many posts and not mentioned my precious, precious cordless headphones… First sign of old age?

Here they are. Not beautiful to look at. (But cover my pixie ears completely.)

They come with a ‘wireless airwaves’ unit…

…which you plug into your stereo, computer, iPhone, iTouch or iPod, MP3 player (whatever you have) via the headphone socket. The plug goes into the wall socket and you…switch on the power, duh! As you’ll see, I’m hooked up to the laptop today… and listening to a Heaven 17 Megamix (in preparation for the concert at the end of this month, yeehaw!).

Then you turn up the volume on your headphones (there is an on/off swtich and volume control) and off you go on your merry way! 🙂 Do the ironing, hoover for 15 minutes, lie in the bath, take the rubbish out or how about a spot of ‘lawnmothering’? Yes, you can even mow the lawn – this baby transmits about 100 metres. And their are no pesky cables to get in your way…

You can also plug them into your television and

  • leave the television sound on, so everyone can hear the programme (but you can listen as loud as you like, drowning out their chatter in the background…nice!)
  • mute the television sound – you are the only one who can hear (good for late night listening). It also let’s you go and spend a penny, wash the dishes or hunt down a Cadbury’s Creme Egg without missing any of the action…

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! If you want me, you’ll have to shout… 😉