Eurovision is here! And I was there! #JoinUs

If you saw Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that I was gearing up to watch the first Semi-Final of Eurovision live in Copenhagen.  Oh, what a night!

We sailed from the harbour, Nyhavn…

…by specially chartered canal boats over to Refshaleøen.


Everybody on the boat was in high spirits and enjoyed the views of, amongst other things, the Royal Yacht – Dannebrog, which just happens to be moored right in front of the Eurovision hall.

But, disembarking, I have to admit that Refshaleøen – dubbed Eurovision Island – looks a bit of a dump.  Especially as the fans couldn’t wait to start taking photos.  Couldn’t someone at least have cut the grass and removed the weeds?! 😉

Once through security (a quick pat down, bag check and metal detector)…

…we were into the open air bar area.

Everyone was in fine fettle and we chatted to fans from all over Europe…

Even a chap who hailed from Venezuela! 🙂

We were interviewed by Danish tv.  And Dutch tv were interviewing the Swedes…

A few bottles of bubbly later (hic!), it was time to wee-wee at the porta loos before entering the old B&W building (an old shipyard).  It was then that we started to feel the “wow” factor. This place is immense!

Found our seats whilst DJ Henrik Milling blasted out Eurovision hits to get us all warmed up and ready to party.  And then we were ‘briefed’ by Jacob Riising (my favourite Danish tv presenter), about 15 minutes before we went live to millions of viewers around the world.

I have to say that – when it was showtime and the Eurovision intro anthem was played – I got goosebumps!  And then we were off – with a bang!  And partied, partied, partied for the next couple of hours…

View of the ‘open’ green room which is in the middle of the hall.

A fabulous night was had by all.  Even if we didn’t agree with the songs that were chosen to go through to Saturday’s final! 😉

So who do you think will win?  I think Austria, Sweden and Armenia will be fighting it out for the top 3.  Or perhaps Denmark?

Will you be watching?  Come and #JoinUs! 

Diane 🙂

Eurovision is here! #JoinUs?

Good evening morning, Europe!  As you may remember from Eurovision is coming!#JoinUs? waaaay back in November, Copenhagen is the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.  And, yep, it’s finally here and the madness has started!  I have my tickets and a few flags at the ready… 🙂

The centre of Copenhagen has been turned into “Eurovision Village” with street kitchens, live entertainment and plenty of kitsch hits.  The shows will be held on “Eurovision Island” – an old shipyardwhich has been completely transformed.  A controversial choice of venue: lots of money involved, has gone way (way) over budget and 10,000 of us will be trying to get to the (very) isolated island by waterbus, bike and a few taxis.  Chaos ahead? Time will tell! 😛

Even if you aren’t going to any of the shows, you can walk the “Eurovision Fan Mile” from Central Station, via Strøget (the main pedestrian shopping street) along the “Eurovision Fan Mile” down to Nyhavn (the harbour).  Just follow the banners – each bearing the title of a Eurovision winner.

If you have the time, the partner and the inclination – hey – you can even have yourself a “Wonderful Wedding” cruising round the harbour or being serenaded at the Royal Opera by the Maltese Eurovision entry!    And if you’re in a same sex relationship, then what could be more apt than getting hitched on Friday 9 May?  It’s the 25th anniversary of same sex civil partnerships in Denmark and there’ll be weddings, speeches and Eurovision partying by Ved Stranden (the canal).  What’s not to love about Copenhagen?  “Love of freedom. Freedom to love.” 🙂


But, as usual, I digress!  Right now, I’m painting my nails and looking out my glad rags. Because tonight – Tuesday – I’m off to see the First Semi-Final with a group of friends.  Who’s going to win this year?  My money is on (yet another…) Scandinavian victory.  La Suède?  12 points!  Yep, matey, you might want to change that flag for a blue and yellow one!

May the best song win!

Diane 🙂

I swear I heart Denmark!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that my blog (hey, make that my general outlook on life) is a “No Whining!” zone.  Positive!  Upbeat!  Optimistic!  Sunny!  As the Flylady says, “Enjoy what you do.  And do what you enjoy!”  Which, in my case, selvfølgelig involves the words “skinny dipping” and “cold water”…🙂

I mean, come on, really…  Who wants to end up as one of those twisted and sad “my-life-revolves-around-leaving-negative-comments-on-social-media” kind of people?  Or, as is very common in the blogging world, the disgruntled expat, whose greatest joy is telling you what they (love to…) hate (about Denmark) and listing all the things that were oh so much better “back home”?  Yikes!

But…  [Ha!  Yes, you knew there was a “but” coming!]  But, okay, if you put a gun to my head and I had to name one – just one – little, itty, bitty thing that I dislike about Denmark, it would have to be the F-word.  Call me old fashioned.  I hate swearing.  Just ask my kids.  “Yes, Mum, we hear you!  Swearing shows a lack of vocabulary!”  In fact, the only time when you will ever (ever) hear me swear is down at the beach on the days when take-my-breath-away sea temperatures gang up with hold-on-to-your-hats storm force winds.  So it’s not really skinny dipping but more like being pummelled with rolling pins and stabbed by a thousand knives…  😉

But I digress!  Yep, the F-word is rife here.  You see and hear it in the Danish media.   All.  The.  Time.  I remember seeing “F**k” in a newspaper headline, lit up in giant neon lights at Rådhuspladsen (the town council square).  You’ll hear it in the playground at børnehave (nursery).  And not just from the kids, but also their parents.  Ouch!   What about that Danish theatre play with the oh-so-catchy title, “Jeg, mig, f**k dig!“?  (I, me, f*ck you!)  Oh, and will you be watching Eurovision, live from Copenhagen, next month?  Don’t worry, you can relax when you hear the Danish entry, Basim, “Cliché Love Song”.   Luckily for us, they’ve changed the original chorus of “a f**cking cliché love song”… 

…to the more demure “another cliché love song”. Phew! 

So with all those F-words flying around, I suppose I really shouldn’t have been toooooo surprised when this advert appeared on TV2 Zulu the other night.  What is it for?  Chocolate milk from Cult.  But not chocolate milk as we know it, Jim.  A high caffeine, energy type one.  With the oh-so-catchy name “Jeg er ik’ bare en f**king kakao“.  (I’m not just a f**cking chocolate milk.)  Um, really?  Who’s behind the advertising campaign – a bunch of 5th graders? 😛

Not enough F-words for you?  Then try their dedicated Facebook page – click here – though don’t say I didn’t warn you!


I’d like one bottle of chocolate milk.  And could you put it in a brown paper bag for me, please?

Diane 🙂


Eurovision is coming! #Joinus ?


Just like Christmas, Eurovision is coming!  Unless you’ ve been living under a rock, you can’t possibly have failed to notice that Emmelie de Forrest won this year, bringing Eurovision back to Denmark for the third time…


Now listen up.  The first batch of tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10am via

Besides the Final on Saturday 10 May 2014 – which is taking place at Refshaleøen (or “Eurovision Island”, as it has quaintly been dubbed) – there will be tickets on sale for eight (count ’em) other shows!  Afternoon shows which will be suitable for families.  And jury shows, where you can live the excitement of the best part – the voting!  “Nul point” anyone? 😉

You can read up on the various shows here 

For information in Danish, go to

And, hey, don’t worry if you don’t manage to secure tickets tomorrow morning.  Because the logisitics for the show haven’t yet been sorted out yet, which means that only one third of the tickets will be sold tomorrow.  The remainder will be released for sale next year, starting 31 January 2014.

And the twitter hashtag for Eurovision in Denmark?  #Joinus  Will you?  Then you’d better get stocked up and get ready to fly the flag!

Eurovision is coming...get ready!

Diane 🙂