Eurovision is here! And I was there! #JoinUs

If you saw Tuesday's post, you'll know that I was gearing up to watch the first Semi-Final of Eurovision live in Copenhagen.  Oh, what a night!We sailed from the harbour, specially chartered canal boats over to Refshaleøen. Everybody on the boat was in high spirits and enjoyed the views of, amongst other things, the Royal Yacht… Continue reading Eurovision is here! And I was there! #JoinUs

Eurovision is here! #JoinUs?

Good evening morning, Europe!  As you may remember from Eurovision is coming!#JoinUs? waaaay back in November, Copenhagen is the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.  And, yep, it's finally here and the madness has started!  I have my tickets and a few flags at the ready... :)The centre of Copenhagen has been turned into "Eurovision… Continue reading Eurovision is here! #JoinUs?

I swear I heart Denmark!

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that my blog (hey, make that my general outlook on life) is a "No Whining!" zone.  Positive!  Upbeat!  Optimistic!  Sunny!  As the Flylady says, "Enjoy what you do.  And do what you enjoy!"  Which, in my case, selvfølgelig involves the words "skinny dipping" and "cold water"...:)I mean, come on, really... … Continue reading I swear I heart Denmark!

Eurovision is coming! #Joinus ?

 Just like Christmas, Eurovision is coming!  Unless you' ve been living under a rock, you can't possibly have failed to notice that Emmelie de Forrest won this year, bringing Eurovision back to Denmark for the third time...EMMELIE DE FOREST - "ONLY TEARDROPS"Now listen up.  The first batch of tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10am via… Continue reading Eurovision is coming! #Joinus ?