Election time – again! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

Dear ReadersJust taking a quick break from bumping off a nasty character - Col. Mustard, in the Library, with lead piping (The Mystery of the Missing Blogger...) - to let you know that this morning the Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, announced a general election for 18 June 2015. Which meant that - selvfølgelig - by lunchtime, the scary faces were… Continue reading Election time – again! Left. Right. Left, left, right!

Vote, vote? Yes, yes!

The election posters are back in town!  And so is the circus...  Co-incidence?  I think not! 😉 And this time - if you're a fellow European - you've no doubt been caught up in the election 'hoo-ha' too.  I've seen people out canvassing on the streets in Sweden and posters on the streets of Paris. So… Continue reading Vote, vote? Yes, yes!

Vote! Get books!

You can't open a newspaper or turn on the tv or radio at the moment without being bombarded with the Danish local and regional elections.  Hey, even bloggers are doing it... 😉  Election Time! Left. Right. Left, left, right!But I digress!  Anway, getting non-traditional voters (a.k.a. The Young) to get out of their seats is… Continue reading Vote! Get books!