Back to (Blog) Basics!

Dearest Readers As you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been neglecting this blog recently and mostly writing posts from my other blog desk over at   I normally remember to post them here too but have got somewhat behind...  Apologies!  But, in true Flylady spirit, I'm jumping in where I am, and getting back… Continue reading Back to (Blog) Basics!

Don’t quote me on that… (wellies)

"I'd never be seen dead walking around town in a pair of wellies." But today I was forced to eat my words (whilst drying my shoes, which got soaked on the schoolrun this morning...the 'turn-them-upside-down-and-water-runs-out' kind of soaked) and cave in to Danish peer pressure and buy a pair of 'high top' wellington boots. You see,… Continue reading Don’t quote me on that… (wellies)

Not farewell…au revoir!

The kids had their last day of school today and that means one thing - the summer holidays are finally here! Thanks to Flylady routines, this year I made it through to the end unscathed...  And without leaving a trail of destruction (and dirty washing) behind me!  ;D It also means that, along with my 44th… Continue reading Not farewell…au revoir!

Taking the plunge!

I love being 40 plus.  With age comes maturity.  And self-acceptance.  And it also gives you the chance to get away with doing things which - in your teens, twenties or thirties - would be considered weird, ill-advised or just downright embarassing! Would you like an example?  On Wednesday my sweetie Danish friend V and I were down at… Continue reading Taking the plunge!

I’m all grown up

Occasionally I get an a-ha moment and realise that I'm all grown up.  Like when the doorbell rings (for the second time this month) and one of DS11's schoolmates or a friend's daughter is standing there, asking to borrow baking powder.  And I have it.  In fact, I have three pots of it!  (Hoarder, much?)  Or arriving at a party on time… Continue reading I’m all grown up

Pass the burnt toast!

A long, long time ago on the Fly Show (The Flylady's weekly internet radio show), there was a story about 'a Mum who ate burnt toast'. I was puzzled at first. But it was basically another example of why Mums should remember to look after themselves. When you have kids, you always put the kids first. Their needs are… Continue reading Pass the burnt toast!

What’s up (with me), Doc?

Dear Readers I can see that I seriously need to pull my blogsocks up... I could blame it on our (10 weeks so far, will it never end?!) bathroom remodel. A remodel that spilled over and involved completely redecorating our master bedroom. Or our upcoming Copper Wedding extravaganza (involving the coordination of swanky, hep cat nightclub,… Continue reading What’s up (with me), Doc?