Tee-hee Tuesday (24 April 2012)

Hot on the heels of DD10's joke from last week, here's one that DS12 told us this morning.  He told it in Danish but, thankfully, it's one of those ones that will work in any language and won't lose its punchline in translation.  A real advantage when you have bilingual kids who want to share their most recent joke… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday (24 April 2012)

Tee-hee Tuesday! Knock knock!

It's DS10's turn to host the school dinner club tonight (2 boys and 2 girls come to play and stay for dinner). When we sit down to eat, we normally ask the kids to tell us their latest jokes. I'd share some of them with you but, unfortunately, sometimes they're 'lost in translation' from Danish to English!… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday! Knock knock!

Tee-hee Tuesday! How’s the weather?

Last night I went to the Comedy Zoo with my girlfriends (I mentioned the club last Tuesday, lookey here) and we had a terrific time. There were six or seven comedians in all (two of them well-known, Tobias Dybvad and Frank Hvam) and, even though they didn't all have star quality, we laughed and laughed and laughed 🙂 I woke up this morning… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday! How’s the weather?

Tee-hee Tuesday – Have you heard the one about…?

Okay, it's been over a month since I dragged my girlfriends along to Abba The Show in Copenhagen. Don't you think it's high time that our high hair and high heels got another airing? 😉 Our next Girls' Night Out will be the "Open Mike Night" at Comedy Zoo, a really cosy stand-up club, slap bang in the centre… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday – Have you heard the one about…?

Tee-hee Tuesday! Fun down under…

DH are going to a concert on Sunday night. "Flight of the Conchords". Two 'funny guys' from New Zealand who have achieved cult status here in tiny Denmark. They've done a couple of television series (though I've never managed to see any episodes) based loosely around their repertoire of songs. We're going to the concert with two… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday! Fun down under…

Tee-hee Tuesday! Laugh long and prosper?

Ready for another 'tee-hee Tuesday'? The kids and I have been really getting into Star Trek recently. We've been die hard Star Wars fans for years, as you'll know from my previous posts Say what, Darth? and Kitchen Essentials. But, as Danish TV were showing a whole season of Star Trek films on Saturday nights,… Continue reading Tee-hee Tuesday! Laugh long and prosper?