New year, fresh start! 2022

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with Christmas and the start of the New Year but I love a fresh new start, don’t you? And “Fresh” is my word for 2022 (see my recent YouTube video at the end of this post to find out why)! So here’s a very quick round-up of how I keep our home clean, organized and hygge (cosy). And myself fresh and motivated. Every single day!

When all is said and done, for me a good day starts with…a simple Good Morning Routine! You can see mine below. I have the same routine every day of the week, all year round. The order/timing change daily, but I make sure to get all of the points done. Because it supports me, makes for less work and keeps me feeling light, bright and positive!

My daily Good Morning Routine

If you’re not sure what to put into your Routine, how to adjust your Routines whether you are working from home, are working shifts, have changed circumstances (added a new baby to the mix, are newly retired), I have lots of advice in my Flylady Refresher Course YouTube series…

My Flylady Refresher Course series on YouTube

I also find that assigning one day each week (a daily focus) for things like errand shopping and paperwork really stops the overwhelm. Have a think and see what schedule works best for you. You may want to combine grocery shopping with tidying up your car. How about doing your weekly clean on a Saturday morning with all the family helping, then enjoying some fun activity or favourite snack together afterwards? I have ideas in my Flylady Refresher Course videos which explain the Weekly Plan, how I use mine and how it can benefit you (and your family)!

And what about cleaning and decluttering your home? Monday is Weekly Home Blessing Hour in Flylady Land (a short upkeep clean of the high traffic areas of your home) but choose any day of the week that suits you and your family! Get everyone in the family to help. Kids can help from an early age and can clean their own rooms with a little supervision and a lot of encouragement. I usually spread my Weekly Upkeep Clean over the week, but you can do it all at once (a brilliant way to get in a mini workout) if you prefer. If you are having a really hectic week or your Mojo has taken a vacation then set a timer (on your phone or, better still, an old-fashioned kitchen timer) and spend just 5 minutes on each task. You’ll see a huge difference in a short time! Setting a timer gets us started but also stops us from going overboard or getting “stuck” on one task. I prefer not to use the timer on my telephone because I can often get sidetracked by checking notifications, etc. I love working along to music or listening to a podcast or audiobook on my wireless headphones. Switch on some LED candles, put some uplifting oils in your diffuser. Remember to add hygge to your daily Routines!

I have a whole library of “clean with me” videos on YouTube – here’s one where you can join me in doing my Weekly Upkeep Clean…it took less than 25 minutes!

Need more help or someone to hold you hand? I offer private “Single Session” coaching for those wanting a more tailored in-depth approach. More details, pricing and booking information right here. I also do a Giveaway on my YouTube channel each month, where you can win a free coaching session with me. Simply leave a comment on the Giveaway video saying “yes, please” to enter! Good luck!

Private coaching with Diane in Denmark

And here’s my recent YouTube video, explaining why I chose Fresh as my word for 2022!

Wishing you a fantastic new week and New Year! Keep putting one foot in front of the other. We are moving forward, one day and one simple routine at a time!