Private coaching with Diane in Denmark

1:1 Coaching

Work/home life out of balance? Lost your spark, not able to implement goals? I’m a Routines Coach with many years of experience and a strong profile on YouTube and Instagram. I offer private “Single Session” coaching for those wanting a more tailored in-depth approach. These aren’t weekly check-ins: it’s a one-off, stand-alone session to get you moving forward, right here, right now. I identify problem areas and give you actionable ideas. You take what’s discussed during the session and implement it on your own. Ready to move forward? Let’s go!

NB: All sessions are conducted over Zoom. Please ensure you have read and understood the Cancellations Policy before booking.

Book your private coaching session using the link below (my schedule is updated daily)

Which coaching session should I choose?

45 minutes: we cover all areas of your life/week (55 Euros)

25 minutes: for specific questions, or as a follow-up to your 45-minute session (40 Euros)

What my clients say…

“I highly recommend this service. Diane is professional, fabulous, and fun. Just what I needed to get back on track.” B, Canada

“You identified my issues so exactly. And so quickly!” K, Switzerland

“Everything you said makes so much sense. Mind blown!” J, Australia

“Thank you for the great coaching session! I did some decluttering, made a start on my control journal and also got the family to do a pupa!” A, Denmark

“This is the first time I’ve come away from a session (coaching, therapy, mentoring etc) where I’ve felt I can actually do the things we’ve laid out!”, T, USA

“I can’t believe you could identify my issues so quickly. I feel totally motivated!” C, Scotland

“You hit the nail on the head!” G, England

“I took the leap & booked a session with Diane, it was amazing!!! It was such a pleasure chatting with you, Diane, you’re so sweet & motivational.” D, Canada

“It was great to meet with you… I got so much out of it and am moving through my materials!” L, USA

“This was literally life-changing. I´m doing less and looking out for myself more and my house is tidier than before.” J, Germany 

“I was lucky enough to win a session fairly recently and can’t recommend Diane highly enough. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a real kick up the bahookie.” W, England

“At 53 I’m realizing it’s now or never with getting my life in order!” E, Canada

“I’m breathing a sigh of relief!” S. England