Foodie Friday – Second Portions!

Do you love food as much as I do? My favourite season is spring, spring, spring. But, when the seasons change, I love the different foods that go with them 🙂 Unfortunately it’s still very cold right now in Denmark…we’ll have a maximum of 7c degrees (45f) today. I even wore gloves during my run this morning…brr! Yes, I checked the calendar – it’s definitely the month of May – and I’ve only had my new cute sandals on ONCE! (Want to see my sandals? They’re here on Pamper Monday – Best Foot Forward.)

So we’re still waiting for those hazy days when we can fling open the door from the kitchen and go out onto the deck to eat. (We’ve been out there a couple of times – with coats on!)  But I can always dream about salads filled with goat’s cheese, delicate fruit puddings and barbecued sausages, right? Here’s a post I wrote last October about my favourite foods. I’m going to reread it myself and make my shopping list for next week…

Have a fabulous Friday! 🙂

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Nikki Starr from the Flylady family is thinking of doing a food show on BlogTalkRadio. Ooooo, I love food talk! And I love food…here’s a rundown, in no particular order:

  • chocolate (Ritter Sport with Marcipan or Chocolate Mousse) I’m not a ‘high percentage’ chocolate snob – I’d rather have a huge, cheap Easter egg that you can break into hundreds of pieces and nibble all day long…
  • cherry-filled chocolates
  • salt n’ vinegar crisps
  • fresh raspberries (especially with a light sprinkling of sugar and some single cream poured over)
  • maki sushi
  • a runny boiled egg with buttered, toast soldiers
  • foie gras or warm, fried lobe of foie gras
  • champagne – any time of the day 😉
  • gin & tonic
  • crisp white wine in a bedazzlingly clean glass on a stiff white tablecloth
  • a good bloody steak with béarnaise sauce
  • chips/fries with mayonnaise or Scottish ‘chippy’ sauce
  • huge platter of fresh veggies with Goma dressing (from for dipping
  • Ben & Jerry’s Phishfood icecream
  • bacon (it makes anything taste good)
  • maraschino cherries
  • prawns/gambas
  • lemon meringue pie
  • a Danish meatball sandwich (with roasted onions, red cabbage, pickled cucumber and remoulade) from Benny’s Pølsevogn (Benny’s Hotdog Stand)

Looking over the list, quite a few of these items will be appearing on our table this weekend…who’d have thunk?! Bon appétit and bon weekend! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Second Portions!”

  1. I've seen Ritter Sport at the grocery store here, but I've never tried it! I'll make sure to try a bar sometime soon 🙂

    My Swedish friend Bodil served a cake with Marzipan for her daughter's birthday. MMMMMM!!!!

  2. Watch out, Lee, that Ritter Sport might turn into an expensive habit! 🙂

    If Bodil likes marcipan, you should show her my Danish Marcipan Cake recipe – so easy and so goooood!


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