Menu plan Thursday – 6 May 2010

Did you see last week’s menu plan “Letting the kids loose” when the kids planned and – gasp – cooked? We had some really good stuff and the Cheesey Corn Pancakes and Mexican Tortilla Triangles have already been marked as new family favourites. DD8 even stayed up late Friday night to make the triangles (wearing her pink pyjamas) for DH when he finally got home from the office 🙂

But DS10 declared yesterday “I’m tired of cooking everyday”. Ha, welcome to my world, buster! So it’s back to Mum’s own menu plan this week… 😉


  • Doing a ‘hot’ salad tonight. Fried, hot potatoes, real chunky bacon, homemade croutons, pieces of boiled egg and fresh spinach leaves.


  • Lasagne made in the crockpot. Krista introduced me to the idea of making it in the slow cooker and I wouldn’t make it any other way now. Here’s the link to her crockpot lasagne recipe.


  • There’s a Running Dinner for the parents in DD8’s class tonight. I’ve got one of the groups coming here for the starter (6 adults), then we’re all at another house for main course, dessert and the par-tay! I’m making smoked salmon and prawns on warm potatoes with asparagus. Served with a dill sauce and my (ever popular…) cold-risen bread (which is a cinch to make, you just mix, stir and leave to rise).


  • Leftover crockpot lasagne from Friday, served with salad. For dessert, homemade chocolate mousse. French style (none of that adding-cream-to-it nonsense). Going to teach the kids how to make it…a lesson for life! 😉


  • Chicken Parmesan with tagliatelle (noodles). Yum! Something I make often for family and guests. Recipe is from Leanne Ely’s Saving Dinner cookbook. Leanne is the Dinner Diva – and the Flylady‘s sidekick!


  • Scout night for DD8 and DS10. We’ll be making Mexican Tortilla Triangles filled with ham, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato. Veggie sticks on the side. Danish koldskål (buttermilk) for dessert with kammerjunker (little biscuits).


  • One of DH’s favourites…breaded pork chops with gratin dauphinois and baby peas. I can make it standing on my head – with eyes closed – but it is good!

Bon appétit or velbekomme as we say around these parts.

Have a lovely ‘Little Friday’! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Menu plan Thursday – 6 May 2010”

  1. You are so insiping with your meal plans!

    We had vegetarian lasagna this week and I totally blanked on using my crock instead of the oven. I will be using it for my black bean soup today though.(sticky note reminder!) I'm so proud of us following our menu plan this week. My DH likes to throw wrenches in the plan but he's been good this time!

    Is the Running Dinner like the progressive dinner? I've heard of these roaming parties but never participated. It does sound like fun.

  2. Hi Jen!

    Yes, running dinner is the Danish equivalent of a progressive dinner. We haven't tried it before so it'll be exciting! Luckily we all live very close to each other -so no drinking and driving…it's either on foot or on bike! ;D

    What's in your veggie lasagne?

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