Crafty Tuesday – 19 January 2010 (You light up my life…)

OK, hope that corny title got your attention! Are you ready for another 15 minute craft? 😉

Today’s ‘candle jar’ craft is inspired by one that DD7 made for me at scouts. She painted the outside of a glass jar with red, pink and yellow paint. We received our ‘gift’ at the Scout Christmas party – they put out all the lights and the beaver scouts did a little candlelight procession. Yep, the ‘Mum tears’ were certainly out in force that day 🙂 Here’s DD7’s jar in all it’s glory…

We placed the jar on the coffeetable in the livingroom and have had it lit every night since Christmas. It gives a surprisingly warm glow! 🙂

Well, yonks ago I saw a similar candle jar craft in a Danish library book. And, of course, completely forgot all about it. Until DD7 made her one! Very simple, easy for kids and takes no time at all. Well, okay, it takes about 15 minutes… Set that timer, hold on to your hat and let’s go! 😉

You’ll need:

  • Découpage Lak (that’s the Danish name) or Podge or clear glue
  • a brush
  • tissuepaper
  • old glass jar, size not important
  • tealight votive
  • salt, optional

Tear the tissuepaper into manageable strips or pieces. Put a layer of glue over the entire glass jar. Cover with a piece of tissuepaper and paint a layer of glue on top of the tissuepaper.

Keep going until the whole jar is covered. Doesn’t take long! I used yellow tissuepaper. The colour will look much stronger when it’s dry. Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Then you can sprinkle some salt in the bottom of the jar, pop in your tealight (votive) and bob’s your uncle! 🙂 I decided to add a red heart to my jar. Did I hear someone say Valentine’s Day? 😉

Have a tee-hee-tealight Tuesday! 🙂