Får De? (Are you being served?)

It’s been snowing all morning (been out twice to shovel and sweep) and now I’m off down to Hellerup to buy a scarf for a friend. So why am I stuffing a rather large crockpot cookbook into my handbag?

Let me introduce you to a fantastic teeny tiny place in Hellerup called “The Pink Flamingo“. The boring term for it is ‘shop’. In reality it’s an Aladdin’s Cave. Though Aladdin wouldn’t be seen dead in the place because it’s full of really girly stuff. Packed to the gunnels with it. So much so that it spills out on to the pavement…notice a few soft flakes of snow on the boots 🙂

And what’s inside the shop? Ballerina flats covered in sequins, buttons and bows, fashionable wellies, UGG boots, leggings and tights for every occasion, more Oilily bags than you can shake a stick at, makeup, skincare products, the latest trendy bracelets…

I’m not even going to try and describe the hair accessories. Suffice it to say that they cover the whole of the shop counter and hang precariously over the edge. How about some Danish design raincoats, dresses, tops, knitwear, candles, serviettes or lunchboxes. Back out on the street there are greetings cards and wrapping paper…and pair knifty, stripey socks? Brrrrr, love, you might want to put a coat on!

Last but not least, they have – hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the shop, together with handbags in every shape and size – a fantastic selection of my personal favourite…scarves! 🙂 Which was the whole reason I went there this morning. (And to look for another one for myself, bien sûr…) Got exactly what I was looking for, a scarf by the Danish company Erfurt. I’m still in love with the green one I bought back in October – you can see it on my earlier post These are a few of my favourite things – Scarves. Here’s the scarf I bought today, ready for it’s lucky new owner 😉

But why the crockpot cookbook? Well, the couple who own the shop are just so… Nice! 🙂 Everything is beautifully wrapped, they always have great ideas whether you need to buy a pocketmoney gift or a party outfit. And best of all they love a good chat! 😉 The last time I was in the shop we had a long and rather animated chat about my crockpot (as yet unheard of in little ole Denmark). They decided they’ll buy one the next time they’re in Germany (slowcookers are gaining popularity there). So I decluttered some cookbooks this morning (go me!) and the crockpot cookbook has now gone to a new home with two good owners! 😉

And now you need the address of this tiny shop, don’t you? Strandvejen 161, Hellerup. Busstop is called “Lille Strandvejen“. By the way, see the lady in the picture? Around these parts, the fur is ‘fur real’! 😉

Have a wonderful wintry Wednesday! 🙂