Furiously funny Friday

DH and I are going to see Eddie Izzard – the comedian – tonight. DH and I saw him many years ago in London (mid 90s if my memory serves me right) and have loved him ever since.

Tonight he’s playing at Malmø Arena in Sweden, a giant ice-hockey stadium just over the bridge from Copenhagen. Which normally is literally ‘just over the bridge’ from where we live – about a half-hour drive – but today it’s anybody’s guess.

First of all, we’ve had lots of snow and the roads are pretty icy. Yesterday morning we walked to school and put the backpacks on DS9 sledge… 😉 Our maximum temperature today will be -2c (28f).

Me in the park yesterday – we normally run this route 🙂

Add to that, the fact that President Obama is in town for the Climate Conference and flew in by Air Force One this morning. And is flying out tonight at approximately 5pm. And when that plane lands and takes off, the whole of Copenhagen comes to a standstill: city roads closed, airport closed, motorway to airport (and Sweden) closed and bridge to Sweden…closed.

So cross your fingers that our world leaders will sign a Climate Agreement, giving us a nice fairytale ‘save the planet’ ending (or should I say, Hollywood ending, as Arnie Schwarzenegger is also in town) to the Climate Conference, that everyone will have gone home by 5pm, and that DH and I will safely be able to reach Sweden by 8pm for a furiously funny Friday night…

Happy Friday and, in the words of Eddie…’God Speed’! (‘How fast is that?’)