The icing on the (Christmas) cake

Yesterday DD7 and I got to work icing the Christmas cake that we made in October. If you would like to make the cake, you still have time! Because it’s name is Last Minute Christmas cake and the recipe is here

Anyway, on to the icing. If you want to do the same as we did you’ll need:

  • small amount of jam or jelly
  • packet of marcipan
  • packet of ready-to-roll icing
  • some springs of holly, remnant of ribbon, edible glitter, what have you…

First of all, unwrap the cake. We’ve been ‘feeding’ ours with the dregs of Grand Marnier and Drambuie bottles, so it smells loverly! [hic] Put a little bit of jam over the top of the cake. This is to make it sticky.

Then it’s time to roll out the marcipan. I always tear off a piece of baking parchment and roll it between two layers – saves on the mess 🙂 Try and roll it out in a circle the same size as the cake.

Place the circle of marcipan on top of the sticky cake and smooth out. Trim the marcipan and eat what you don’t need 🙂 Then do the same with the ready-to-roll icing. Use a bit of elbow power!

Smooth the icing over the cake (and down the sides, if you have enough). Then you can start decorating…

We added some cake toppers (that my Mum bought on sale from John Lewis a couple of years ago), tied a piece of tartan ribbon round the cake and then DD7 wanted to add some glamour with edible red and white glitter 😉  I cut some sprigs from the garden for a bit of greenery.

The cake will sit quite happily in a fairly cold place for the next couple of weeks.

Bon appétit and happy ‘Santa-will-soon-be-here’ Saturday! 🙂

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  1. Cool, thanks for your info…Now suddenly I know making a Christmas cake is so easy.

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