you once again for all your brilliant ideas! Here are FLYLADY ZONE 4 (master bedroom) ideas for Errand Day, self-care and gardening. I will add to the list as more ideas come in. Keep scrolling down, so much inspiration here!

  • Pyjamas/nightwear/underwear/hosiery
  • Slippers
  • Bedding
Here’s my “self-preservation” bingo card. I pick a couple of ideas from the list and it makes me more deliberate about “taking care of me” during the week! You can click the photo, save and print. Or if you’d like to customise, here’s a link
  • tidy out a drawer in your night stand, adding pretty lining paper to make a comfort drawer for all things pertaining to sleep and relaxation eg chocolate/violet creams, hand cream, night rescue remedy, herbal sleeping tablets, notepad and pen, gratitude journal, eye mask, massage oil, lavender sleep balm, etc
  • use a guided meditation, open the window, place an incense stick on the shelf and just be
  • say/listen to positive affirmations before going to bed/while you are getting ready in the morning
  • try a new sleep diffuser blend/spray, nighttime body lotion or light a candle when getting ready before bed,  or while getting ready in the morning
  • a foot pamper with socks for the night for extra hydration
  • wash your eye mask or try a weighted one
  • use gourmet handmade earth-friendly soaps and oils
  • wear a piece of sentimental jewellery or an item which you only wear on special occasions…every day is the special occasion!
  • make a cover for a clothes hanger adding a brooch that you love but may not wear as a way to still enjoy it
  • use a perfume/lotion which you have been keeping for a special occasion…every day is the special occasion!
  • play with the items in your wardrobe and make new outfit combinations and wear them this week
  • once you’ve completed some zone work (decluttering or cleaning), sit on the bed/chair and read for fifteen minutes
  • make sure you are getting enough sleep, start your evening routine a little earlier
  • switch off your phone and read a magazine or a couple of chapters of a book before you sleep
  • put a fresh flower or plant on your night table or dresser
  • “redecorate” the room with items borrowed from other places in the house (vase, candlestick, throw pillows, soft rug, lamp)
  • apply hand/foot lotion in the morning or evening
  • enjoy your favourite drink/coffee in bed in the morning
  • read a magazine or chapter of a book. Read an e-book from the library.
  • listen
    to some new music while you are getting ready for the day. Add new music to
    your pamper playlist.
  • body self-massage with lotion, feet and shoulders. Apply lotion to knees and elbows
    for some extra care. Head massage.
  • take time to sit and “just be”.
  • take time to sit and enjoy your clean, orderly bedroom!
  • use a basket to keep your pyjamas, slippers, hand cream, magazine, spectacles and other items together
  • write in your journal or read your prayer journal
  • spritz the bedding with linen spray or essential oils before you make the bed in the morning and enjoy the scent/a relaxing sleep at night
  • keep hand, foot and lip cream/balm in your bedside table and apply them as a bedtime ritual
  • play “white noise” or ocean sounds to promote sleep, or check out Binaural Beats for Deep Sleep
  • keep a tiny fan or water spray on your nightstand for hot flashes/humid weather
  • keep a small manicure kit and some essential oils (calming or energizing) by your bed handy and use them when you have 5 minutes during your day, or before bed.
  • “I love the idea that every day is special. I used to save everything until it
    would go bad… now I use my wonderful oils on my face and neck before bed. I
    also love burning lavender incense at night to relax.”
  • change your body gel, lotion, and body spray sets to a new or seasonal scent (eg. change
    from musk to citrus for spring and coconut for summer).
  • edge the borders of the lawn (I use a trimmer or weed burner)
  • remove weeds from flower beds
  • deadhead flowers in the beds
  • remove weeds from the vegetable plots
  • stake floppy plants in flower beds
  • feed the bulbs that are finished
  • cut lawn edges of beds
  • sow some annual seeds to go into the gaps in the beds
  • sow bi-annual seeds in trays to put out in early autumn
  • sweep paths
  • remember to put your tools “to bed” when you have finished using them
  • put up a hammock or swing chair for a relaxing moment in the garden