Christmas Planning – 5 weeks to go!

How are you doing with your Christmas planning?  Haven’t started yet?!  Never fear, you can go check out the Flylady’s website for a complete run down of what you need to ‘cruise’ through Christmas.

My goals last week were to get the Crimbo cards started and finish off the gift shopping.  Happy to say that the (circa 40) cards are well and truly started and DD9 is having a ball playing ‘post office’: sticking on the stamps, ‘second-class post’ stickers and charity stickers.

I managed to find some cute – and very apt – ‘winter bathing Viking‘ stamps!

I’m still working on the gifts – ho, hum – but at least everything that we’ve bought/made so far is wrapped and hidden.  And talking of gifts, the kids have been decluttering their rooms (5 mins at a time) in order to make way for the Christmas pressies that will be coming in.  DS11 decluttered his shelves and ended up with two full bags of games and books.  DD9 has a huge collection of dogs but was able to part with a whole bag of them.  Here she is saying ‘goodbye’ before they went off to the charity shop! ;D

In other news, DH did his once-a-year-stint in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon and baked…110 Danish Christmas donuts.  Yum!  We ate about 20 of them on Saturday night and the rest are bagged up and in the freezer – all ready to be enjoyed warm with hot gløgg in December.

DS11 also did a stint in the kitchen – helping me to make up Christmas snaps (recipe for that on the blog tomorrow).  It needs to sit for about 40 days, so we’re right on schedule!

So all in all, a productive week.  I even remembered to feed the Christmas cake – ha!

And my goals for this week?

To finish the Christmas cards and make another effort with the gift shopping.

To clean out and organise the freezer – cos we’ll need all the space we can get for the extra meat/veggies/rolls/icecream/snaps etc that I’m adding to my grocery shop every week.

We’ll also be out in the garden putting up our Christmas lights.

And lighting the first advent candle on Sunday…

Breakfast last year – third Advent Sunday

Check back next week to see how we get on…  And which music we’ll be playing to get us in the mood!

Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

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  1. Cleaning out the freezer! Yep, gotta do that! Looks like you are having fun, Diane. Will do decorating next week for the holiday, then cards, then presents. Would love to do it all in one day, but my name isn't Superwoman!

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