Bright and breezy!

A storm passed through Denmark last night and on our way to school this morning we saw plenty of branches on the streets, overturned plantpots and parts of the school playground were cordonned off due to falling rooftiles.  As soon as I got home I went to tidy our garden.  I did not pass ‘Go’ and go into the house first.  I did not get sidetracked, I got started immediately!  Yep, I’ve been doing the Flylady thing for so long that I knew that 15 minutes would be more than enough time to get the job done.  I’d battened down the hatches before I went to bed yesterday so, luckily, the damage wasn’t too bad.  The wooden furniture in the front garden had – once again – disappeared from view (see my barometer post, Windy Wednesday).  One very old and decrepit table had lost the fight and a couple of lanterns were broken….all easily (and cheaply) replaced on my next trip to Ikea ;D

As the sun was shining (hooray, can you believe it’s now light at 7.45am!!!), I decided to don my swanky new gardening gloves. They were a Christmas present. Cost a small fortune compared to the ones you buy at the supermarket but they feel lovely and are machine washable…  A definite thumbs up.  [Postscript: Ha! I’ve just realised looking at this photo that the gloves are ‘Flylady‘ purple!]

It felt g-r-e-a-t to be out, even though it was still blowing a gale.  I didn’t really do very much, just removed twigs and leaves from the front flower beds.  But the beds looked so much better afterwards.  I took a wander around the house and there are definite signs of new life everywhere.  Snowdrops and erantis are definitely pushing their way through.   (And if they can do it, I need to do the same, right?)

Ten minutes on the clock and I was finished. What to do next?  I washed out a couple of old jam jars (which I keep in the garage, for this very purpose), dug up a little clump of snowdrops and added a bit of moss to hide the earth.  We have tons of moss. It’s bad for our lawn, but actually rather useful when you’re making floral decorations…  I’ll get DD8 to tie a colourful bow around them and – voilΓ  – one of them is for us and one is for her teacher’s desk.

It felt great to be out and get some dirt underneath my fingernails, or at least on my new gardening gloves ;D  Even if it was only for 15 minutes…

Have a terrific Tuesday, hope it’s breezy and bright!