Menu plan – Thursday 20 January 2011

Are you joining me in my Seven Minute Declutter Challenge? I’m still working through the contents of the freezer/fridge and pantry and using as much as possible in this week’s menu… Yes, all decluttering counts – even if it’s food! And – before you fall off your chair – yes, DH is cooking this week (stone the crows). DD8 and DS11 are helping him…

Declutter Menu:

* Fish curry. Fish fillets (pangasius) baked in the oven on top of curried vegetables (carrot/onion/courgette fried in curry paste and add a can of coconut milk, a little sugar and fish sauce). Rice from the ricecooker on side.

* Tomato/noodle soup with DD8’s homemade bread rolls 🙂

* Kiddies favourite of boiled eggs, toasted bread. Then ricecooker ricepudding for dessert. (On a day that DH isn’t home, bien sûr)

* Wholemeal pasta spirals with real, chunky bacon, fresh wilted spinach and Philadelphia cream cheese.

* Wiener Schnitzel (straight from the butchers counter to my frying pan) with baby potatoes and stir-fried cabbage and mushrooms

* Biksemad (Danish ‘hash’: chopped onions, cubed potatoes and cubed meat, fried up and topped with a fried egg and cubed beetroot)

* DH’s gastronomic dinner… Roast chicken with potato wedges and a salad of grated carrot/pineapple/raisins. Dessert is Danish fruit salad: cubed fruit and chunks of chocolate in a vanilla cream sauce. Mmm!

Bon appétit and have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂

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  1. It all sounds yummy. I have to clean out my freezer, too. Lots of frozen fruit to use up!

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