Scaredy Cat Challenge – Freeze! Part Three

What’s a Scaredy Cat Challenge? To be honest, anything you like! 😉 A project you’ve been putting off. Lifestyle changes you’d like to make. A new hobby you’d like to try. You decide. We’re here to cheer you on and hold your hand! Need inspiration? Go take a peek at what my fabulous blog pals are up to – we’re all doing different things…together! In strict alphabetical order they are Asfora, Candace, Emma, Lee, Lesley, Lizand Sheryl. Always room for one more! 🙂

My own current Scaredy Cat Challenge is getting my (three) freezers under control. By the end of last week I had put everything into one freezer and made an inventory. I’ve only been using the meat etc that is in there for my menu planning, so stocks are going down, albeit slowly 😉

Here’s what’s in there, as of today, Sunday:

MEAT (all of these are servings for four people)

1 marinated chicken fillets

1 steaks

1 ribs

1 minced beef (cooked, ready for crockpot)

2 minced beef

1 minced chicken

1 large ham

1 chicken legs

1 cod fillets

1 quorn fillets

2 veggie starters

½ fish fingers

READY-TO-EAT (again, these are servings for four people)

suppe (meatballs/dumplings for Danish soup)

Biksemad (Danish beef/potato hash)

1 asparagus soup

1 asparagus/chicken filling for pastry tarts

1 ready-made crispy chicken fillets

1 ready-made crispy fish fillets

1 pizza

1 chopped chunky bacon

3 sliced bacon

2 liverpâté


1½ sliced potatoes

2 potato rösti

½ oven chips

1 sweetcorn

1 mini onions

1 mixed veg for crockpot meals

½ peas

1 green beans

½ spinach


leftover bananas for use in smoothies/cakes


1 box mixed icecreams

½ B+J Phishfood icecream

½ B+J Cookie Dough icecream

1 puff pastry

1 baguette

2 packs pitabread

1 ryebread

1 morning rolls for weekend

5 Kærgården (Danish butter)


½ bottle Krone snaps

Various dregs of Christmas snaps, Linie Aquavit and Porse snaps

I’m going to try and get rid of (i.e. eat) as much as possible this next week. And then the plan is to carefully (very carefully) only restock the main freezer in the kitchen. Then I can unplug the basement freezer. My safety net will be the little mini freezer (which is part of the fridge in the basement) for impulse buys. But there won’t be any more of them, will there? 😉

And what will all this achieve? Less money spent on electricity. Fewer trips up and down stairs – perhaps alleviating my newly-discovered asthma? 😉 Easier menu planning and less food waste. We shall see! 🙂

Have you got a Scaredy Cat Challenge of your own? Something you’ve been putting off? Join us – we shall hold hands and be scared together! Use the MckLinky below…

Have a super Sunday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Challenge – Freeze! Part Three”

  1. I'm so proud of your progress! I'm scarred(not a typo) by what I've found in my freezer;)

    Impulse buys are the worst aren't they? Too bad they are sooo good!

  2. Having the list is certainly helping…but impulse buying of B+J icecream is always acceptable, right? 😉

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