Golden Years?

All in all it’s been a rather strange couple of weeks. Last weekend DH discovered that – after (what seems like…) 43 years of showing off about his (supposedly) 20/20 vision – he needs reading glasses. Badly! [chortle!]

This weekend I discovered that -at the [sniff!] tender age of 42, a whole twenty months after embarking upon regular, intensive exercise – I’ve got asthma…

But instead of being annoyed at getting flashing warning signs that we’re ‘getting old’, DH and I are delighted! Are we going to be like those old folks in the film Cocoon? Are we going to have a second youth? Yep, we’re hoping that we’re going to experience a whole new lease of life. Keep your eyes open for updates. Just inhale deeply first 😉

Have a super Saturday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Golden Years?”

  1. Aww, glad to hear that, JoAnna! I'm so pleased to know that I wasn't just imagining things…was getting so out of breath and tired – despite all the exercise. Already feeling tons better! 🙂

  2. I'm all for the second youth! The unfortunate part is the medications that tend to go with it…Glad to hear your your better.

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