Pamper time again!

The Flylady habit for the month of December is pampering…a habit which I’ve written about on many occasions (um, 25!) here on the blog. Just search the pamper tag.

One of my fastest pampers in the winter months is smothering my cold tootsies in bodylotion and putting on a pair of bedsocks. Not exactly a sassy look – but soooo relaxing at the end of the day! ;D

Another is to put on some really rich facecream or a facemask just before I go to sleep…

This ‘Drink Up’ mask from Origins (great name, huh?) takes me right back to my childhood. Probably because it smells of peach. Does anyone else remember those Christmas gift sets from Marks and Spencer with bubble bath, soap and body lotion? How I loved those! Simple pleasures…

Anyway, time for another early night for me. Sleep tight and sweet (peachy) dreams! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pamper time again!”

  1. Oh, i am going to do this RIGHT NOW!

    what a great reminder!


  2. Nice! It's so cold here in the Netherlands now. We've even got snow! So I want those socks 🙂

  3. Go, Leslie! Your little toes are really going to need all the pampering they can get now that you are a runner! 😀

    Maaike – put on the kettle, make a nice cup of 'lekker bakkie' and r-e-l-a-x!

    And thanks for popping in here again 🙂

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