Pamper Monday – Basket Case

Monday is here again which means it’s time to focus on pampering. Certainly one of the fun parts of the Flylady system but definitely one of the most difficult things to accept that you NEED to do…just for you…if you want to be a happy bunny, that is! 😉

On Saturday my ‘twisters’ (twitter buddies) and I had a 30 minute Twister Pamper Party. We live in different corners of the world but – thanks to the wonders of BlogTalkRadio – five of us were able to talk on the ‘party line’ together and chat online with all the others who were listening in. Thanks to Flybaby Moni for hosting, you did a sterling job! xo

Here’s thelink to the Twister Pamper Party show if you’d like to listen for yourself. But hey, don’t click just yet, go get yourself a suitable drink and grab some pamper items ready before you start listening! 🙂 Here’s what I grabbed to take with me. My pink pamper basket. Given to me this Christmas by DD8 (she painted it at school), I’ve filled it with manicure/pedicure stuff (and a few carefully hidden chocolates) and it lives beside my bed…

Maybe that kind of stuff isn’t your thing? Then spend 15 minutes doing something you like. Just for you. I post my own personal pamper ideas here on the blog on Mondays but the Flylady has tons of great ideas on her website. You can see them here.

Have a marvelously manicured Monday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pamper Monday – Basket Case”

  1. Diane I had my own little pamper party today planting herbs–got my hands dirty, but what fun! Have a great week!

  2. I like your idea of having a "pampering" basket! And including a couple of chocolates in the basket is like the cherry on top! Thanks for sharing…I think I follow your lead.

    Blogtalk radio is a fabulous medium for us flybabies-SYSters to get together and pamper!

  3. Hi Leslie!

    Isn't it fantastic that we can be in different parts of the world and party together?! The wonders of technology 🙂

    Enjoy your pamper! I'm off for a lovely, long bath and will listen to the Flyshow while I'm in there…

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