Watch this Wednesday

I watched a great film yesterday. Just my sense of humour. A very dark British comedy set in Wales about two competing undertakers. One, the hero is played by Alfred Molina, the other is played by Christopher Walken, wearing a fantastic bouffant wig. A must see. Also stars Brenda Blethyn, Miriam Margoyles, Lee Evans and lots of other good British actors.

The funny thing (if you excuse the pun) about this British comedy is that it’s so darn hard to get hold of. I caught it by accident on telly a couple of years ago and thought it would make a great gift for my Mum (there is a love story attached and lots of 1930s music and dancing). Thought I could pick it up easily on Amazon or e-bay. Not so! And yet it gets rave reviews. To cut a long story short, I managed to find a copy of it – at an amazingly reasonable price – here in sunny Denmark. It arrived yesterday and I watched it before wrapping it up because Mum will be taking it home with her after Christmas! 🙂 Though I’ve just decided I need to order a copy for my Flylady ‘pamper’ basket because I’m still smiling just thinking about the Star Trek funeral…

Before I totallly forget, maybe I should tell you the title? “Plots with a View” Also goes by the name of “Undertaking Betty”. Or in Danish “Lig med Succes“. So there you go.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂