Now if the title of today’s blogpost is familiar to you, then come on in… we’re going to be bosom buddies! Even if my ‘fronts’ aren’t too full… 😉

I’ve been watching the film “Thoroughly Modern Millie” since I was a child. Watched it on the telly with my Mum (also a fan), taped it off the TV when video machines came along and watched it with my best friend from school, Gillian. Gillian and I started school on the same day, and are still in touch 37 years later. And still talk about the film 🙂

Mum and Dad managed to track down an official copy of the film on VHS because they were worried that my homemade copy would wear out… Years later http://amazon.co.uk/ was born and I managed to find – halleluja – not only a DVD but a CD of the original music. I still get goosebumps when I watch the opening credits…you can see it here on youtube!

DH passed the boyfriend ‘test’ when even he had to give in to it’s charms. (And he’s almost as word perfect as I am.) And he even – bless him – went along with calling our DD a variant of the name Millie! 🙂

Thought I was the only world with this addiction. And like Mrs Meers says, it’s “Sad to be all alone in the world…” Until I discovered to my delight that a whole bunch of flybabies on twitter can ‘do the ‘Tapioca’ too.

Add http://blogtalkradio.com/ to that mix, and the idea for a “Global Viewing of the film Thoroughly Modern Millie” was born….

We set up a show on BlogTalk. Start time was 6pm in Denmark, 5pm in the UK, 2pm in New York… Switched on our DVDs simultaneously around the globe and chatted while we watched – it was ‘terrif’! We had 40 live Millie fans on the day from England, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Denmark and both sides of the USA. And of course, being the creative SHE that I am, I had to turn our dining room into the dining room of the Priscilla Hotel…not forgetting, of course, the ‘Soy Sauce’!

And to finish it all off we had something ‘sweet’. Pavlova with…raaaaspberries!