Copenhagen Carnival Capers!

DD7 changed her mind several times this week (as is a girl’s perogative…) as to what she was going to be for school today. Flamenco dancer, dalmation dog, secret agent, English teacher, popstar. At 7.30am yesterday morning, we signed an agreement. Here she is…one cardboard box, several glue sticks and some old junk later. A Nintendo DS 🙂

Give us a Twirl, Anthea…

DS10 is (thankfully) a lot more decisive. Started out the week as a secret agent but upgraded to a more challenging costume…a diver who ended up in a tank at Denmark’s Aquarium 🙂

Watch out for those ‘piratfisk’ (piranhas)!

Have a fabulous Friday! See you tomorrow for some Danish Carnival buns 🙂

4 thoughts on “Copenhagen Carnival Capers!”

  1. Thanks, girls! The costumes didn't quite last the whole day, but DD7 loved all the attention from the boys… ;D

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