This week’s outfits – my summer capsule wardrobe! Dressing Your Truth

Here we go with a round-up of what I’m wearing this week! Do you look out your outfit the day before? I usually choose my outfit the day before, when I’m putting away the day’s laundry. It gives me the time to be creative with my outfits (so I wear everything I own instead of always grabbing the same things) and then I can hit the ground running in the morning, no faffing around. When I’m “dressed for the day”, I feel happier and am more productive! Being dressed and ready for action is an important part of the Flylady system.

This week’s outfits – colour capsule wardrobe!

I use the DressingYourTruth system for my all-4-seasons-year-round capsule wardrobe. You can find my YouTube videos on capsule wardrobe (and our famous Clothes Swap parties!) right here. I’m a type 1/4 and my style words are light, bright and chic. Looking for more inspiration and movtivation?! I post daily on Facebook and Instagram.

You can take a free course at DressingYourTruth to find out your own type! Not sure of your type, Carol Tuttle gives typing help in the Lifestyle Group once a month.

LLAP! Hugs!