How did you find me, and when?!! Flylady, Dressing Your Truth, Denmark, hygge?

Happy Monday! How did you find me? And when? I’m celebrating another YouTube milestone…15 million views. How did that happen? Thank you for your continued support! In today’s video we’re taking a fun look at my first ever “shine your sink, Flylady system” video on YouTube from 2016. Does anyone remember it? Plus a run through of my catchphrases. Join me for a hygge chat across the kitchen table here in sizzling hot Denmark (heatwave is back)! And remember to comment on the video and let me know how and when you found me!

How did you find me, and when?!

This week we are in Flylady Zone 3, the bathroom plus one other room, for our detailed cleaning and decluttering! Remember, we are not checking EVERYTHING off the list. Just set your timer for 10 minutes and do SOMETHING!

This week’s Flylady Zone!

Would you like some company and motivation to clean and declutter in each of the Flylady Zones?

Here are a few of the reminder charts I use to keep me on track:

And I’m always here to help you with building Daily Routines – here’s my Flylady Refresher Course playlist

Have a wonderful day and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

LLAP! Hugs!