Join the Garden Party! (2 April 2012)

[rubs eyes]  Snowflakes?  On the 2nd of April?!  Saints preserve us, the Danish weather gods are certainly having a good laugh at us…  Here we were, ready to pack away our gloves and instead we’re back to arctic temperatures and white specks in the sky!

Truth to tell, I haven’t been out in the garden much this week.  (You’ll remember that I’m gardening the Flylady way againthis year.)  Not just because of the chilly weather, but also because we’ve had two sets of Danish family visiting.  But instead of dwelling over the things that I didn’t do, I’m going to celebrate the things that I did.  (Ha!  Take that, bad conscience!)

Our very long fence/pavement was beginning to look very straggly with all the new spring growth.  (And if I let it stay like that for too long, it becomes a target for dog poo!)

So I got out my (Flylady purple) gardening gloves, a sharp instrument and a big broom.  I didn’t use my timer – I just put on my headphones and listened to four songs – then walked into the house, had a quick swig of water, and went back out again for another session.  Here we are, a few tunes later – all done!

I also stocked up on these things…gas canisters.  So I’m armed and dangerous, and ready to burn any weeds that come across my path!  [boom, boom!]

I won’t be posting next Monday (Easter Monday), but join me again in a fortnight when (I hope…) I’ll have plenty of gardening tales to share.

Have a marvelous Monday! πŸ™‚