OOTDS (outfit of the day) and Icy Seaswims 10 February 2021

Happy Wednesday! A quick check-in from rather icy Copenhagen with some recent outfits (Dressing Your Truth type 1/4) and seaswim photos!

Pink and gold
Winter white sweater dress with pearls
White jacket with Breton top and pearls
Light red with pearls
Just jome from a walk in the snow
My Granny’s favourite colour of green with my “fake collar” underneath the sweater
Coral cashmere sweater is an old Clothes Swap find
Baby blue cardigan and “Bonjour” graphic print t-shirt

And in skinnydipping-seaswimming news, the sea temp is currently minus -1c/30f, air temperature/windchill has been minus -13c/8f. Brrr!

Ice on the bathing steps…mind how you go!
Don’t be fooled by the sun….the windchill was minus -13C/8f!

In other news, I was excited to join Carol Tuttle and Anne Tuttle Brown as a guest on the Child Whisperer podcast (link here https://cw.liveyourtruth.com/top-3-tips-for-an-organized-household/?fbclid=IwAR2zb6SyjaoU6W09fIVBV6jaHNc2m-2LzB3V3wuCc4fGo6iZSajiPoj7594 ) . We’ve recorded a whole series: five episodes on “Life and Space Organization Tips for Every Type of Child”. Lots of great information, even if you don’t have kids!

If you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe system, I can thoroughly recommend the Dressing Your Truth system (there is a free course on the website). Your best colours and styles are determined by your facial features/inner energy (my primary energy type is 1 with a secondary energy of 4). It has been lifechanging for me and makes getting dressed so easy! (I’ve made several YouTube videos about my wardrobe, see below.) I use the Flylady system to keep me organised and my daily routine includes choosing my outfit a day in advance (I check my diary/weather forecast to see what’s ahead). I hang my outfit on a hook on the back of our bedroom door and am ready to go the moment my feet hit the floor the next morning. I love having a morning routine which sets me up for a good day!

Have a fabulous Wednesday! Keep wrapped up and warm out there!

If you’d like to see more about my wardrobe, “come along” to our famous Clothes Swap Parties, and see why I love using the Dressing Your Truth system, see my YouTube series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxIYCyTLBED-_AxzW73x4ZWtikVFAvDQW