Those crazy Danes – all under one roof!

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to tidy up my blog.  But somehow I’ve been putting it off, spending too much time on the details or generally, shall we say, procrastinating? ;o)  Well, I’ve been tinkering with various things and – though this part is far from perfect – it’s time to jump out in faith (as the Flylady says) and get it out there.

I’ve decided to put all my ‘crazy Dane’ posts from DianeDenmark and Diane’s Daily Denmark under one roof.  And because I have so many lovely photos (at least, I think they are!), I’ve gone for the ‘flipcard’ approach on the front of the website.  You have to look at the website from a computer, iPad etc to get the full effect.  (Looking at the mobile site from a smartphone just doesn’t do it justice.)

Hope you like it!  Velbekomme!