1 thought on “Flylady Routines – The Seven Day Challenge – Day Six!”

  1. My morning routine was done early. In the middle of getting dressed got a call from a near neighbor (about a mile away) who was flooded out and needed my sons to come help pull up carpet. They of course were in a rush, BUT, I stayed steady and finished up – brushing teeth & putting on makeup and doing my hair before driving them down. I knew if I didn't I would get sidetracked upon my return and not finish up. This week I have used some very small post it notes on my computer monitor w/each day on it saying "Morning Routine Done, Day 1-7?" I put them all on my left hand of the screen and am moving them each day upon completion. It's a help to have visual reminders. Logging in here to tell you I'm done is also helpful. Favorite beverage? Flavored Coffees – 3 favs are Kahlua's White Russian Coffee, Frangelica Cream and my new fav is one called Sinless Pastry. Things about Flylady that have helped me? I started off doing 27 Fling Boogies. As I've mentioned I've been doing Flylady for YEARS (maybe 99 or 2000?), A.N.D. I still remember the very first thing I threw away all those years ago – a crumpled up gum wrapper. 2nd thing was a bandage that had fallen beside a chair. The Adventure Began!!! I also make heavy use of the timer and one thing she said once "Your Home Is Not a Landfill!" really has stuck with me. At the time my basement did resemble one as we had just had 3 deaths in the family and had inherited everyone's STUFF. It took a while but we have removed ALL that from our lives. Another thing I heard once – not on Flylady is this slogan "Waste is a Resource Out of Place." I've told myself that time and again as I sang "Please Release Me Let Me Go" on the way to the donation station at the op-shop/thrifts. Someone else can possibly use it. If I need another I can go there and shop. I'm a Baby Boomer so I also ask myself "Would I want this in my retirement home room?" Those things have helped me release more clutter. Maybe they'll help someone else. Have a great day Diane! ~~K.D., sunny, but very damp Cherokee Nation, OK.

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