What a (Copenhagen) Mess!

No posts from me last week, as my family from Scotland were visiting.  And they seemed to have brought our typical (fickle!) Scottish weather with them in their suitcases… Yep, the start of the week was bright but chilly.  Then it warmed up and we had a few glorious days of heat and sunshine.

Then, come the weekend, it all went terribly wrong.  Thunder, lightning, torrential rain. And, to top it all off, flash flooding.  Which has left Copenhagen (and other parts of Denmark) with traffic chaos, water-logged buildings and a (very) sorry trail of destruction. Great summer weather? 😛  On our last night together (co-incidentally the very last day of summer, Sunday 31 August) I prepared a very traditional Danish dinner.  First up was Forloren Hare (Danish “Mock Hare”).  Which is the best meatloaf on the planet.  Honest!  Cross my heart and hope to die!  If you don’t believe me, see my recipe I ♥ Danish Comfort Food (Part Two).  Which I served with baby pots, carrots, lots of lovely sovs (“gravy”) and some freshly made Killer (Danish) Cucumber Salad.

But now for a (I admit, very tenuous) link to the mess after the flooding in Copenhagen! 😉  For dessert I made something my DDDMIL (Dearly-Departed-Danish-Mother-in-Law) often served.  There was never any official name for this summery pudding but, as it looks very like Eton Mess (or the Scottish “Cranachan”), I’m going to dub it “Copenhagen Mess”…

Take some fresh raspberries and strawberries (chopping them up into small chunks, if they’re on the big size).

Crush up some Danish makroner, and sprinkle them on top.

Don’t know what makroner (“macaroons”) are?  They’re small and very light.  And crunchy.  A cross between a biscuit and a meringue. With a strong taste of almonds. Nothing to do with dainty French macarons!

Whip up some cream and mix the whole lot together.  Not a pretty sight, but yummy!

If you really want to go the whole hog, then grate marcipan over the top.  Otherwise, just dig in.  (You can serve it with some vanilla icecream on the side.)

Velbekommen!  Bon appétit!  And here’s to the return of the warm, sunny weather – which returned yesterday morning in full force!

Diane 🙂