Easter is coming… Stock up!

I don’t usually write my ‘crazy Danes’ posts until Wednesday.   But – with Easter fast approaching – I feel it’s my duty to give the following warning to anyone just arrived in Denmark. Stock up!

You see, Denmark will be closed Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.   Completely closed.   (Imagine that…the shops are closed for more days than over Christmas!)   So you have to do your grocery shopping now. Stock up big time. Otherwise you’ll need to hop over to Sweden (they’re open for business as usual on Thursday).   Or prepare to run the gauntlet on Saturday.

And what do the Danes actually do on all these holy holidays?   Well, they don’t go to church, that’s for sure (they save that for Christmas.)   No, Easter is the time to eat, drink and be merry with family or friends.   To get out in the garden.   And get the garden furniture out.   Do some DIY.   Open up your summer house or get busy down at the allotment.

Me?   I’ll be doing a mixture of the above.   With the emphasis on eating and drinking.   So I’m already – selvfølgelig – stocked up with the Danish Easter essentials…

Hmm, what else do we need? Oh yes…tarteletter!

Have a terrific Tuesday and a great week.  The kids got off school on Friday, so I’m tidying my blog desk and going off to join them…  God Påske! 🙂