Super Fling Boogie…in the garden

The Flylady’s “Super Fling Boogie” (a month long party to get rid of as much clutter from your home as you possibly can) continues and I wanted to make serious in-roads to some of the ‘clutter’ in our garden…  Apples!

As much as I love our two ancient apple trees, we always have a bountiful crop and there’s no way that we can use them all.  I freeze them, use them for cakes and desserts, grate them into bread dough and sauces.  And we’re always giving them away to friends and family.  But most of them usually end up here…in the garden refuse container.  And every fortnight we have three bins full! 🙁

This year I’m putting the windfall apples around our bushes and trees as a kind of compost.  It’ll give them lots of nourishment during the winter and – cross your fingers – maybe keep the weeds/grass at bay?

I also invited DD9’s class to come “på æblerov” (‘pinch’ or ‘steal’ our apples).  They were here this morning and we had great fun.  I shook the trees – while they stood well back to avoid being hit! – and it literally rained with apples.  They also climbed up the trees and used brooms, rakes flag poles to get them all down…

They filled up their wagon and hauled it back to school.  Where they were going to draw some of the apples as part of their Art Lesson. The rest of the crop will go to the After School Club for baking! 🙂

They’re going to weigh them back at school.

Don’t forget to post your own pounds on the Super Fling Boogie Meter! ;D

Hooray!  I get rid of my ‘clutter’ and everybody wins!  And we still have a few left on the trees.  For us.  For the birds.  And for our squirrels…

I’m off to make crockpot apple sauce.  Have a marvelous Monday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Super Fling Boogie…in the garden”

  1. Having the kids come to gather apples for school is a great idea! A way to connect them to nature–bravo. Keep flinging! I flung a lot of garden cuttings into my Yardy yesterday, but have more to do this week. One bit of the yard at a time 🙂

  2. Hey Ms. C! Yep, one bit of the garden at a time is definitely the answer… Though I'm looking forward to the winter, when everything stops growing so fast! LOL

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