The Super Fling Boogie continues! Again! (Again!)

What a fantastic week!  Three cheers for the Flylady’s “Super Fling Boogie“!  Clutter is going out the door like there’s no tomorrow!  If you saw last Monday’s declutter post, you’ll see that I’ve been flinging like mad since the beginning of the year.  Here are a few of this week’s ‘highlights’…

See these 8 garden chairs and table?

They were in the garden when we bought our house over 10 years ago. Since then we’ve bought our own wooden garden furniture.  But we held on to this lot.  Just in case… ;D  Well, we never use them and no-one we know wanted them.  And they were too bulky for the charity shop.  So Thursday lunchtime I put them out on the pavement, ready for the recycling pickup early Friday morning.  Lo and behold, two hours later they were gone.  Hooray!  Just goes to show that one person’s junk is definitely somebody else’s treasure! 🙂

The kids also went through their English and Danish books and managed to donate a huge Ikea bag full of them to the After School Club.  And the family across the road who have small kids were very pleased to get this Ikea puppet theatre/shop/playhouse/let-your-imagination-run-riot thingymyjig 🙂

I’ve also been to the recycling centre.  Again.  Again.  With papers, bottles, electrical cords and old paint/oil/chemicals from the workshop in our basement.  Little by little, I can see that the laundry room and workshop (both former dungeons..) are beginning to look quite decent!  Ha!

So, all in all, a very productive week.  And I’m still ready for more… ;D

Hope you have a marvelous Monday – let’s keep flinging out there! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Super Fling Boogie continues! Again! (Again!)”

  1. Keep flinging! Yes, it's always amazing how things you put at the curb disappear into someone's vehicle. Saves us all time and money 🙂

  2. Go you! I took advantage of an unexpected snow day yesterday & discovered *FOUR* bags of trash & a pile of boxes to get rid of, a large box of Turtle's clothes to go to a friend, and 1 giant bag to go to Goodwill. Now, I have enough space to start the real decluttering!

  3. Hooray, we should have a party! And I *do* need to declutter some half-empty bottles…cocktails anyone? ;D

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