Spider Woman

I love my Flylady purple feather dusters for getting rid of cobwebs (especially the feather duster with the long handle – which I sometimes attach to a longer pole with hair elastics, in order to reach those [s–t–r–e–t–c–h] hard-to-reach high hall ceilings).  However, I’m less fond of the spiders the accompany said cobwebs.  And it seems that at this particular time of the year those pesky spiders all want to be inside my house!  Bah!  Eek!

A friend back home in Bonnie Scotland told me to use chestnuts.  A friend of hers – by the name of Mrs MacSporran (now isn’t that a name you can trust?) – swears that, if you put piles of them around the house, it will ward off arachnids…

I was out for a run in the Deerpark yesterday morning and there were chestnuts everywhere – hooray!  So I started collecting.  (Though next time I’ll remember to take a plastic bag, as the pockets of my running jacket don’t hold more than about three handfuls.)

You can see a bit of the world’s oldest amusement park “Bakken”

which is part of the Deerpark, in the background.

Workmen were busy yesterday taking the rides apart

as it’s now closed for the winter.

So the plan is to put a few chestnuts on the windowsills of DD9’s room, in the corners and at the entrance to her door.  And in the corners of my office, which is down in the basement.

Will it work?  Who knows – but we’re willing to give it a go in the interests of science… ;D

Happy a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

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