Apples – again, again!

Okay, okay…just one more post about the apples from our garden, then I promise to stop! ;D

DD9’s class were here yesterday to pick apples and, when they left, I picked up the best and biggest ones that were left lying on the lawn.  I read a great tip recently on freezing apples for use in a crumble or pie.  Just chop them up roughly (I left them fairly big because our cooking apples go ‘mushy’ very fast when baked).

Then I filled a freezer bag with enough apple chunks to make one crumble, using my tart dish as a size guide.  I flattened out the bags a) to make them easy to stack in the freezer and b) so that later I can simply dump the contents into the flan dish and bake from frozen 🙂

Ta da!  Wasn’t that simple?

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂