Family Advent Calendar 2010

Happy 1st of December! Time for advent calendars – and those crazy Danes can’t get enough of them! 🙂

Yes, of course, we have the homemade ones that the kids have made at school in art class. And the bought ones from the supermarket where you get a little chocolate every day. It’s a common Danish tradition for kids to receive a calendar (from their parents or grandparents) with 24 little gifts, one to open each day. The public Danish TV channels show a specially made Christmas series. In 24 instalments, lasting about 30 minutes. That’s a lot of television… ;D  Not forgetting the ‘on-line’ calendars from shops, restaurants, insurance companies, hotels and travel agents with a daily chance to ‘win’ discounts, a free dinner, a holiday etc, etc, etc. And, of course, we also light an advent candle every morning – nice while we’re eating our brekkie while it is still pitch dark, cold and very frosty outside!

Last year, inspired by Krista at Typical-Ramblings, we made a Family Advent Calendar. Something ‘Christmassy’ for us to do, make or enjoy…you can read what we did last year right here.

Without further ado, here’s our Family Advent Calendar for 2010:

 1. Bake Christmas biscuits

 2. Finish putting up the Christmas lights outside (snow got in the way last weekend)

 3. More decorating – inside the house

 4. Local library has ‘craft Saturday’, so we’ll go and make some decorations

 5. DH is ready for his once-a-year-in-the-kitchen-stint and will be making his famous “Danish Christmas donuts”. See the recipe and how he got on last year!

 6. Watch a Christmas film and eat popcorn

 7. Christmas lunch – in Sweden – with my running buddies! 😀

 8. Christmas Bingo at DS10’s AfterSchoolClub

 9. After today’s swimming lesson we’ll make Snowman soup! (Hot chocolate, marshmallows and lots of squirty cream…)

10. Check Christmas lists and check all gifts are wrapped

11. Make some edible goodies! Here’s a selection of what we made last year – cookies, marcipan sweets, add a few candy canes and – hey presto – fit for a Danish Queen!

12. Make up a large batch of sausage rolls to freeze and to eat! (my recipe is here)

13. DD8 is taking part in a St. Lucia procession

14. DD8 is playing an instrument (guitar) in a Christmas concert

15. Kids will decorate the Christmas cake which we made in October, recipe here. This is last year’s cake 🙂

16. Take in gifts to school (last day tomorrow) and read Christmas stories.

17. Last day of school. Yay! Granny and Grandad arrive from Scotland – double yay! 😀

18. Buy a fresh Christmas tree

19. Danish smørrebrød, Christmas øl (beer) and snaps for lunch

20. Evening trip to Tivoli Gardens

21. Museum trip or a long walk – we’ll need a change of air!

22. Grown ups are out to a Christmas jazz concert at Copenhagen Jazz House

23. Gløgg (mulled wine) and æbleskiver (Dad’s Christmas Danish Donuts, see 5 December)

24. Christmas Eve! Start off with a good breakfast (followed by a light lunch then traditional duck for dinner).

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Let the festivities commence! 🙂

PS: Need a bit of help with your Christmas prep? The Flylady has it all in one place – click here for instant stress relief!

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  1. Yum! Your Christmas cake looks lovely…I'll be right over and bring the tea!

  2. Haven't iced this year's cake just yet – it's still being spoon fed with Drambuie! LOL But come on over anytime and let's chat! 😀

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