Countdown to Christmas…

Today – if you haven’t noticed – is the very last day of November. Tomorrow the Mad Christmas Rush starts. For everyone else, that is!  πŸ˜€  Thanks to the Flylady, I’m basically done with Christmas prep and looking forward to enjoying the lights, food and parties. I wrote the very last Christmas card after dinner tonight (ably assisted by DD8 who just loves sticking on stamps) and tomorrow we shall post them on our walk over to school. I didn’t really want to post them before the first of December and make anyone else feel behind!  ;D

I found out last night that DS10 needed to take a dish for a brunch at school tomorrow (somebody forgot to tell the parents…oopsie!) and I even managed to spend a – very relaxed – hour baking pancakes today. (Next year remind me to use three frying pans…)

Seventy should be plenty, right? [Postscript: thanks to Anjeannette for asking for the pancake recipe. It’s on the blog, right here.]


Hope you have a terrific Tuesday and goodnight from me! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas…”

  1. We had lovely pancakes like that when we were in Solvang CA (a sort of touristy place to see Danish things) The pancakes were lovely. Much thinner than our American pancakes. They were almost like a french crepe, but not quite as thin. Do you have a recipe you could share? I've been looking for one because those pancakes were lovely.

    I love your blog. My ancestors were Danish and we are always interested in learning a little more about Danish things.

  2. Hi Anjeanette! Thanks so much for stopping by…I've heard of Solvang – seems to be quite a weird place! LOL

    I used my Granny's pancake recipe, which is here on the blog. I've added a link to this particular post πŸ™‚ The great thing about my granny's recipe is that you can just keep adding milk until they are as thin as you want. Very frugal recipe too!

    Hope to see you again soon πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Diane! Yes Solvang is a bit strange. I think it was once a great place. Thanks for the recipe! I will try it for sure.

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