Hejsan, Sverige!

Today was the Annual Christmas Lunch of the Running Chicks. Last year H, V and I ate in the centre of Copenhagen (you can see what we got up to here). This year we got on a train at 9.30am, armed with æbleskiver, pebernødder, a flask of hot, ‘green tea with ginger and lemon’ from Perch’s Tea House and a wee dram of port…

Forty-five minutes (and several exciting tales later), we were in Sweden! The Swedes were celebrating Flylady‘s anniversary and had painted all the trains purple in her honour ;D

It was pretty darn cold. And snowy. But we did find a few spots where there wasn’t ice underfoot. (I came well prepared with wonders.com boots and two pairs of socks).

We shopped, we soaked up the Christmas atmosphere, we lunched, we [insert heavy sigh] resisted the kaker...

Though I’m afraid we went slightly mad in the pick’n’mix sweetie shop, Gotte Lisa. Though, to give me my due, I did remember that this month’s Flylady habit is pampering. So I filled a large bag with my favourite sweets to stash beside my bed 🙂

And – with that – I’m off to read my book in bed and have an early night. Sleep tight! 🙂