Flylady Bedroom Week! Hygge Home 15-minute DECLUTTER bedding + dresser (Zone 4)!

Happy Monday and, guess what, we are already back in Flylady Zone 4, the bedroom for our detailed cleaning and decluttering. It doesn’t matter if you have just discovered Flylady or have been using the system for years: the method is the same. Set your timer for 15 minutes and just do something! In today’s YouTube video, I will be your timer for the 15 minutes! I managed to declutter a lot of large items from our guest bedroom and my kids’ rooms, woo hoo – especially as I didn’t really feel like doing my Zone work, go me! Let’s go, we are working together in real time!

I have free printables and Flylady Zone ideas for cleaning, working in the garden and self-care here on my blog

Remember to add in some daily pamper time! The self-care by zone list and my “bingo card” are here.

And if you want me right there with you, I have a whole playlist of short videos where you can see me decluttering and cleaning in Flylady Zone 4…

Even when life is busy, or I am overwhelmed/have post-menopausal brain bush, I love that the daily focus keeps me on track. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and it will all fall into place…

If you are new to the Flylady system, or want to dive a little deeper and tweak your Routines, I have lots of tips and advice on my Flylady Refresher Course. We are doing this together!

Flylady Refresher Course!

Have a fantastic day! Rah, rah, rah!