Big Nosy Parker

I love looking at my Live Traffic Feed – the long blue column, down a bit, on the right ====>

It’s fun to know that people all over the globe are reading what I write! Though it’s also a daily reminder of just how shockingly bad my knowledge of world flags is… 😛  Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can also see exactly which posts people have been reading. And – for some odd reason – a craft post I wrote last January called Stornæsede Nisser (Big Nosy Elves) keeps popping up. I have no idea why. I certainly haven’t referred to it recently. And as I’m a bignosy parker myself, I want to know why! To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the post. (Though, in my defence, I wrote 333 posts in a row when I started this blog, so there’s a lot of stuff lying around in here!) One of my favourite quotes is by Oscar Wilde…he said “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” So maybe I should just go back and start re-reading all my posts… ;D

I found one of the elves we made last night – I had put him away in a Christmas box. So I’ve pulled him out, dusted him down, combed his moustache and he’s now sitting in a basket of homemade treats – all ready for DD8 to take to school tomorrow as it’s her turn to take something for Klassenstime (‘class hour’). Its an integral part of the Danish school timetable – once a week the class has a cosy chat. Social stuff…how to be a good friend, is anyone being teased, what did they do at the weekend, etc. A chance to get things off their chest and just have fun. By the way, we’re taking a large basket of fruit too – so please don’t worry about those tiny Danes’ tiny teeth! 🙂

We made the cookies and coconut ice yesterday as part of ourFamily Advent Calender 2010

Click here to read the Big Nosey Elves post. Enjoy! And please, please let me know if you were one of the ones looking at it recently and, more importantly, how and why?!

Hope you have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday! 🙂

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  1. Duh…and here was me thinking the entire population of Cedar Rapids had gone mock crazy! ;D

  2. Sorry Diane, not me neither…Remember that many followers can read your posts, myself included, in Google reader and not be part of your stats!

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