Christmas Planning – 1 November 2009 – Family Advent Calendar 2

In an earlier post, I mentioned setting up an Advent Calendar of family activities. Just had a final consultation with DH, DD7 and DS9 and here it is! It’s quite rough – there are still a few parties/lunches/dinners to be added – but it feels great to have a list 😉

December 2009

  1. ‘Breakfast/make Christmas decorations’ event at kids school
  2. Post Christmas cards (that were written in November…) and drink ‘Snowman Soup’ (hot choc with marshmallows, cream and cinnamon)
  3. Go and see Santa in a shop in town
  4. Bake biscuits and eat risengrød (Danish rice pudding) for dinner
  5. Make ‘natural’ decorations – spraypaint pinecones, chestnuts etc
  6. ‘Tree Decorating’ Party at DH’s office
  7. Decorate outside tree with our ‘natural’ decorations and tiny apples
  8. Christmas Party at Scouts
  9. Make bird feeders and hang in garden
  10. My Christmas lunch with the girls! 🙂
  11. DH at office party tonight, we’ll have takeaway food
  12. Double check gift list and wrap any last-minute presents
  13. Bake large batch of sausage rolls to freeze – and eat 😉
  14. Bake more biscuits and watch Christmas film
  15. Visit Tivoli gardens
  16. Ice the Christmas cake (marcipan, thick white icing, decorations)
  17. Read Christmas stories and take in gifts – last day of school tomorrow!
  18. DH and I are going to see Eddie Izzard in nearby Sweden
  19. DH baking large batch of æbleskiver (traditional Xmas Danish donuts)
  20. Go out and buy Christmas tree for livingroom
  21. Make table decorations with clay, holly, candles etc
  22. Decorate Christmas tree with lights, Danish flags, baubles
  23. Serve æbleskiver and hot gløgg (mulled wine)
  24. Champagne breakfast, it’s Christmas in Denmark! 🙂

For more Christmas planning and inspiration, go check out Krista, Candace and Pippa.

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Christmas Planning – 1 November 2009 – Family Advent Calendar 2”

  1. I love your advent list! I'm going to be starting to work on mine as well. I think we have our school calendars online now so I can plan around those activities.

  2. Wow!, Thanks for sharing Diane.
    LOL, mine is much less ambitious.
    So far tentative Christmas singalong at parent's house and doing a Christmas lights sight-seeing around town.

    Thanks for giving me examples and ideas!

    P.S. Marzipan is my favorite, especially the Mozart Kugen with the hazelnut creme or the Baumstamm bars yum!

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