Menu plan – Monday 29 November 2010

Did I mention how snowy and cold it is here? It’s been snowing since last week, which makes for a very pretty view from my kitchen door…

but makes it very c-c-cold for running (which I did this morning, go me!) when the temperature outside is minus 2 degrees celcius (28f?) and everything which doesn’t move fast enough turns to ice!

Hot food required…here’s what we’re eating to keep us cosy 🙂

* Oksekød i fad (‘Beef in a bowl’) – here it is, just going in to a hot oven. Recipe here!

* Greek Pasta Satay from the Saving Dinner book. Super fast, uses store cupboard ingredients, doesn’t look like much but is yummy!

* Chicken Parmesan, also from the Saving Dinner book – serving with ricecooker rice and savoy cabbage.

* Danish meatball and dumpling soup. Then DH is doing his once-a-year-stint-in-the-kitchen and making ‘Dad’s Danish Christmas donuts’ for the freezer and some for dessert! 😀  Recipe for those are here!

* Family favourite of breaded pork chops, will serve with green beans

* Biksemad (Danish ‘hash’)

* Pasta with ‘clean out the fridge’ veggies and leftover meat 😉

Bon appétit and cheers!

3 thoughts on “Menu plan – Monday 29 November 2010”

  1. No snow here yet, Diane. I'm off to C-Joy's for dinner Tuesday–can't wait to try the meatloaf she's making from your recipe!

  2. Hey Ms. Caboo, enjoy your dinner chez Mrs C. and let me know what you think of the Forloren Hare!

    Hi Leslie – funny that, even though we're close to the sea, we get tonnes of snow? Delighted to share! 🙂

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