Menu plan – Monday 29 November 2010

Did I mention how snowy and cold it is here? It’s been snowing since last week, which makes for a very pretty view from my kitchen door…

but makes it very c-c-cold for running (which I did this morning, go me!) when the temperature outside is minus 2 degrees celcius (28f?) and everything which doesn’t move fast enough turns to ice!

Hot food required…here’s what we’re eating to keep us cosy 🙂

* Oksekød i fad (‘Beef in a bowl’) – here it is, just going in to a hot oven. Recipe here!

* Greek Pasta Satay from the Saving Dinner book. Super fast, uses store cupboard ingredients, doesn’t look like much but is yummy!

* Chicken Parmesan, also from the Saving Dinner book – serving with ricecooker rice and savoy cabbage.

* Danish meatball and dumpling soup. Then DH is doing his once-a-year-stint-in-the-kitchen and making ‘Dad’s Danish Christmas donuts’ for the freezer and some for dessert! 😀  Recipe for those are here!

* Family favourite of breaded pork chops, will serve with green beans

* Biksemad (Danish ‘hash’)

* Pasta with ‘clean out the fridge’ veggies and leftover meat 😉

Bon appétit and cheers!

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  1. No snow here yet, Diane. I'm off to C-Joy's for dinner Tuesday–can't wait to try the meatloaf she's making from your recipe!

  2. Life as a Caterpillar

    Holy Moly that's a lot of snow!

    Lovely piccies though


  3. Hey Ms. Caboo, enjoy your dinner chez Mrs C. and let me know what you think of the Forloren Hare!

    Hi Leslie – funny that, even though we're close to the sea, we get tonnes of snow? Delighted to share! 🙂

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