Très Bon Friday

I must say, we’ve had a très bon Good Friday 🙂

Started by taking a car full of junk to the recycling centre (the fruits of several 15 minute Flylady decluttering sessions in the basement and garden shed yesterday) and then had a great traditional Danish Easter lunch at my Dear-Brother-in-Law’s place. Including, of course, snaps. And Easter beer with a wee, yellow chicky on the bottle 🙂

We returned home late afternoon to – joy of joys – s.u.n.s.h.i.n.e and decided on yet another 15 minute bout of gardening. I even wanted to go back out there after dinner – so it must be spring, right? 😉

Instead DH and I put our heads together and did what a man’s gotta do…finalise the summer holiday plans. We booked the first part back on the 2nd of January but have been procrastinating ever since…oops! So three hours of looking at Michelin maps, websites and brochures and we’re all booked – hooray – vive les vacances!

Have a fantastique vendredi Friday! 🙂