1 thought on “Flylady Routines – The Seven Day Challenge! Day One!”

  1. Morning routine done a little early this morning as Hubs usually sleeps late and I normally wait until after breakfast to dress and make bed and swish n' swipe which normally runs about 9:30ish. Done by 8:00 a.m. today. GO us!!! After making the bed I put yesterdays clothes & shoes away & in the dirty clothes basket. I leave mine laying out because I've had to make several midnight rides to hospital w/Hubs, kids, parents, and I've fumbled around looking for something to put on. It's just easier to keep mine at the end of the bed overnight, also ready in case of a weather emergency. In the dark I know where they are and can slide into them quickly. After I'm out of the bedroom w/the dirties I'm pushing the coffee ON button on the way to the laundry to put in my load for the day. What I normally do on my evening routine may help someone else. Immediately after supper I go into the bedroom and turn down the covers on the bed and layout my nightie and figure out tomorrow's outfit. Then brush my teeth & wash my face of makeup. This works for our lifestyle as we live way out in the country and don't often (more like never) have drop in company. I then go do a two minute hotspot clearance in the LR. If I wait until later in the evening? I'll go to bed without getting 'er done! Then later on as the night wears on and I get sleepy? I'll jump in nightie and if I'm fairly wakeful I take time to lotion feet & put on sleep socks then off to dreamland. Thanks for the challenges Diane! I really appreciate them and YOU for your bright sunny personality. Go YOU!!! ~~K.D., in sunny Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma where the irises & roses are riot blooming!

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