Menu planning Thursday – 1 April 2010

Greetings all! Today is the official start of the Danish Easter break. It was sooo quiet this morning. All shops and businesses are closed. Today – Thursday – and Friday, Sunday and Monday. Yikes! 😉 I used to get caught out the first few years we lived here but, thanks to Flylady and forward planning, we’ve always got food in the fridge now to tide us over.

Lots of people have gone to their summer houses or have gone to visit their family on the mainland (Jutland). And those who are still here on the island in Copenhagen are doing the same as us – tidying their gardens and putting out the garden furniture! 🙂 Always seems funny to me that the whole country closes down for Easter (even more than at Christmas) and yet the Danes are not a religious bunch and hardly anyone goes to church…

Here’s our menu plan for the Easter break:


  • DH’s favourite – roast pork (with lots of lovely crackling). Boiled potatoes, my fantastic gravy and hot, red cabbage. Yum! Probably some Ben and Jerry’s icecream for dessert. Cos, hey, it’s the holidays! 😉 Can you smell the pork? It’s already in the oven….


  • My DBIL (Dear-Brother-in-Law, the sweet one, who looks after our kids a lot) has invited us over. Hooray – no cooking for me! (Though I might be roped in to help with the washing up…)


  • We’ll be doing ‘stuff’ around the house and garden today. Going to do pork chops in the crockpot. I have a few dregs of salad dressing/Chinese sauces in the fridge, so they’ll be getting added to “Chop Surprise” 😉 Serving with brown rice made in the ricecooker.


  • Going out with friends to see the Danish comedian, Niels Hausgaard (I bought the tickets for DH’s birthday). Need something quick before we go out and leave the kids with the babysitter. Pasta med kødsovs, spaghetti bolognese, pasta with meat sauce. Salad.


  • Friends coming here to eat. We’re going retro with a starter of prawn cocktail and homemade (cold-risen) focaccia bread. My recipe for the bread is right here. Please try it! Super easy and always gets RAVE reviews… Then baked ham (topped with brown sugar/mustard), potatoes and ‘Twinkies’ salad. Recipe for that is here! 😉 Dessert? Haven’t decided yet.


  • Back to school (and work) so will make one of the kids’ favourites, Danish meatball and dumpling soup. Leftover homemade focaccia bread to go with it. And koldskål for dessert. Which is rather weird but has a great summery taste…basically it’s buttermilk and you scatter tiny vanilla biscuits on the top. Told you it was weird! 😉


  • DH will probably work late tonight, so veggie burgers (spelt) on wholemeal buns with veggie sticks and dip.

Bon appétit! Have a wonderful Easter and a thrilling Thursday! 🙂