Resolution Time Again

OK, not going to dilly dally about, going to make this short and sweet. Resolutions for 2010? Did pretty well with those for 2009:

  • bake more bread (done, done and done!)
  • eat the fruit in the fruit bowl instead of letting it be decorative for a week then letting it rot (did VERY well in that department but always room for improvement, n’est-ce pas?)
  • run (ha!) 5k (ran TWO, count ’em, 5k races and improved time from 36 to 30.5 minutes. Which is pretty funny, sitting here now, to be even mentioning the times, because this time last year I wasn’t even exercising and the thought of me running was an in-joke amongst friends) Jonathan Roche of NEWO fame is my hero.

That’s me in purple πŸ˜‰

Anyways, moving swiftly on to 2010:

  • going to organise even more outings and nights out with friends (did quite well in 2009 and my friends/girlfriends were more than delighted to be dragged out occasionally to rock concerts, cinemas, theatres, restaurants etc and, even though we are all tired, a change is as always good as a rest)
  • run (ha ha!) 10k (there, I said it and wrote it, no turning back for this very competitive, though definitely not athletic, person) Jonathan Roche (with the Flylady firmly in tow) is yet again responsible
  • going to banish paperclutter once and for all (have done marvelously in most respects thanks to the Flylady, but paper is the final frontier and, as the new Flylady motto says, my timer is my friend in 2010)

Good luck to us all! πŸ˜‰