Baubles Galore

Today I’d like to share a 5 minute Christmas craft. If you saw our Family Advent Calendar on Wednesday you’ll know that today we’re decorating inside the house. Well, apart from the livingroom, that is, as it’s still being re-decorated! ;D

I saw an idea from Isabella Smith and thought it would be great for our kitchen. Or great for any dull spot where you don’t have much space or don’t want to hang things on walls. Or great for a kid’s room – I’m sure they’d like to make their own. First of all, pull out your Christmas baubles. This is when you can finally use the ones which you can’t bear to throw away but are partly broken or missing hangers! These ones belonged to DH’s dearly departed, sweetie Dad – they’re very pretty but so old and fragile that they break if you look at them with a stern face… How about this for a rock’n’roll Christmas guitar? ;D

Then find an old jam jar or glass vase. I’m using a glass jug that says Jul 1978 (Christmas 1978) which belonged to my dearly departed, sweetie Mother-in-Law. Which no-one else in the family wanted – tee hee, I knew it would come in handy!

Fill up the container – remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

And in about two seconds flat – voilà – you’re done! You could also add a little chain of battery operated lights. I’m sure I have one somewhere, I just have to locate it… You could also use several containers and put them in little groups. (Isabella Smith used two or three jars, added ribbons around the top and put a candle in one of them.)

And – to complete the kitsch retro look of our festive tableau – I’ve added a little elf girl that my Mother-in-Law made using beads, thread, styrofoam balls and garlands of patience… 😀

Signing off now. Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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  1. That little elf girl is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Can not imagine making her…

    Have a great weekend!

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