Errand day! Dipping in the dark and hygge Christmas Planning, Flylady mission 24

In today’s hygge Newsletter…Thursday goal reminders, Christmas planning mission number 24 and photos from last night’s magical dip in the dark Danish sea with my American friend Polly! Happy Thursday from stormy Copenhagen! Woke up several times during the night due to rain battering against the windows and there are reports of snow a bit further north than us. Glad I have the winter tyres on the car (see yesterday’s post)! Thursday is Errand Day in Flylady Land but I did mine yesterday. Just pick any day of the week that suits you/your family’s schedule. The aim is to have your list READY so that you don’t forget the essentials. I did a trip to the pet store (cat litter and food for Kiko, my son’s rescue kitten) and IKEA. IKEA sell fresh Christmas trees from the car park: countdown to Christmas has begun! Confession: the IKEA beanie hat wasn’t on my list but I couldn’t resist, ha ha! And it’s practical for the Danish climate – I’ll probably end up wearing it today…

In hygge planning news, I’ve ordered a few festive/seasonal books from the library and am listening to a Christmas cozy mystery on audiobook (free from Overdrive, via our fantastic Danish libraries). And on that note…see today’s video from 5 years ago: I’m in my favourite spot: the crime section of the library! Grab a pen and paper, or your Christmas planning notebook, a hot or cold drink and tap to watch!

Hygge Christmas planning

Are you remembering daily self-care? Last night I did a double dip and sauna with my American friend Polly. Was fantastic to swim in the calm-just-before-last-night’s-storm-sea and sit outside under the stars with tin mugs of hot tea (we use tin mugs because they warm your hands after a cold dip), dark chocolate and a teeny glass of Edinburgh Gin elderflower liqueur! I bought the liqueur last time I was home in Edinburgh, Scotland, and transport the crystal glasses (a wedding gift for hubby and me 25 years ago) by wrapping them in a teatowel and placing them in a tupperware box. What a magical evening – just what the doctor ordered! Sea 9c/48f, air 5c/41f

The hygge Christmas planning missions are straightforward and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. A little bit each day, and you’ll have a calm and collected holiday season. You can find my check-off list here (a Canva template you can modify). But you don’t need a list to start: watch today’s video above, move your bahookie and start! If you miss a day or two, don’t go back. Just keep moving forward! We will have Super Missions in December…

The Flylady has a FREE planning workbook which you can download for free here. I show you how to use it in this video… (Also useful for planning a wedding, Hannukah, baby shower, Ramadan, etc)

Looking for recipes, crafts and more Christmas hygge planning? Here’s my FULL Christmas and seasonal series

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