Happiness is…more hot tea

I wrote a post called “Happiness is…” just over a month ago and posted this picture.  My friend and I had just had our daily skinny dip in the Danish sea.  And there we sat, in the warm September sunshine at 8.30 am, drinking a cup of tea – with bare arms and legs, toes still full of sand…

This morning I took another picture at the same spot.  Here we are again.  We’ve just had our daily skinny dip in the Danish sea (water temperature today was 12 degrees/53.6f).  The sun is just about to break through at 9am, and we’re having a cuppa and a piece of honningkage (honey cake).  But today we dried off and wrapped ourselves up in our winter coats, heavy scarves and gloves…  Aren’t we mad to still be bathing in the sea?  Yep!  But we love it!  And we come away from the beach every morning with a smile from ear to ear…

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Wherever you are.  Whatever the weather! 🙂

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  1. Diane, you have quite the life! How wonderful that you are still taking your daily dips. That would certainly wake me up very quickly ")

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